India’s Economic Oulook 2012


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Agriculture sector, one of the most important part of the India’s national income, has expanded very sharply – backed by good monsoon rains and non-agriculture sector also showed robust growth. Since, global economies were in recovery phase, the recent industrial output signalling the sustainable economic growth and the economic growth is now shifting from recovery phase to sustainable economic expansion. On the other side, inflation in India could be worrisome for the policy makers. For Political risk and economic policies, go to the VMW website for the comprehensive economic outlook report.

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(Figures in per cent)
Real GDP Growth 5.1 7.7 9.1 8.2 8.5
Inflation 7.2 3.7 11.3 5.8 5.1
Consumer Price Index 9.1 12.4 9.1 5.8 5.2
Wholesale Price Index 8.0 3.6 8.1 5.7 5.5
Short-Term Interest Rate* 9.6 4.9 6.7 7.6 7.6
Long-Term Interest Rate** 7.6 7.3 7.8 7.9 7.9
Fiscal Balance (per cent of GDP)^ -8.5 -9.6 -8.3 -7.4 -6.7
Current Account Balance (per cent of GDP) -2.4 -2.8 -3.2 -3.0 -2.9
*Mumbai Three Month Offer Rate
**10 Year Government Bond
^Gross fiscal Balance for central and State Government.
CPI for Industrial Workers

Composition of India’s GDP by Sector.

Amount in Crores of Indian Rupees (10 Million)

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing  876,563.00
Minning Quarrying 129,671.00
Manufacturing 799,513.00
Electricity, Gas & Water Supply 80,440.00
Construction 437,768.00
Trade, Hotel, Transport & Communication 1,274,534.00
Financing, Insurance, Real Estate & Bus Service 700,943.00
Community, Social & Personal Services 690,373.00
 Total Annual GDP 4,989,804.00

Graphical Representation of India’s GDP Composition


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