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The VMW Post, delivering “insights”

The VMW Post is the financial research and information division of the UNIDOW Financial Intelligence Services (UNIDOW FIS). The VMW Post publishes research on the Indian economy and global economy. Since year 2008, VMW has published one of the best researches, specifically on the Indian as well as the selected international economies and vastly covered the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2009). During the Financial Crisis, VMW has published the Research known as “Economy in Crisis: What The Year 2009 Holds For India?” which was highly acclaimed internationally and selected by the U.S. TV News Channel, World Focus for its viewers. Today, VMW’s researches are one of the critical research and university’s lecturers are using the VMW Research for their research working paper for classroom purpose. VMW’s research has an open license and could be distributed among students to add value in their skill set. The more information on Licensing of Data and Research is available at VMW’s Privacy Policy.

We’ve transformed The VMW Post by not only posting a research but a critical information provider. Visitors enjoy reading the Research & Analysis along with the Financial Market Information, India’s Inflation Rate, Country’s Foreign Exchange Reserves, User Friendly Collaboration Tools, Contact Information for an instant help and much more. Visitors around the world (per the statistics) are joining our mailing services for up-to-the-minute updates on the Indian Economy. We’re always delighted by our visitor’s comment and they helps us to continue our emphasis to develop quality research and information.

Should you have any suggestion(s) to make The VMW Post even more attractive and useful, please tell us at research@unidow.com